I've played electric guitar for several years but never took an interest in acoustic until recently and today I bought my first one .

The whole style of acoustic playing is new to me so I need a list of some good starting out songs to get the feel of things
For finger-picking I started out with Blackbird by the Beatles and Tears on heaven by Clapton.
You can try out some Elliott Smith and Damien Rice stuff as well, good stuff for acoustic.
If you are already familiar with chords, etc, then 'Hotel California' is a rewarding song on solo acoustic.

...also a lot of Beatles such as 'Something', 'Hey jude'. etc. ...not too difficult and a ton of lessons on Youtube.
Tommy Emmanuel, if you want something to give you a real workout.
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"dust in the wind" is awesome and good for fingerpickin ....and "nothing else mathers" is probably one of my favorites and metallica kicks ass, even in acoustic both are easy so enjoy
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Some songs by the Decemberists, like Engine Driver, are pretty cool for beginners. I'd also suggest picking up a capo, even if it isn't an expensive one, so you can learn some different songs that need one. When you do get one, the song Drak Come Soon by Tegan and Sara is pretty fun, and you'll pick up on a pretty common fingerpicking pattern as well.
Nothing Else Matters by Metallica. But I've never been able to get rid of the sound of the strings vibrating against my nails on the acoustic on the starting Em arpeggio. Still worth a shot though.
Nothing Else Matters is definitely on the list. Thanks guys I've never listened to this type of music so I didn't know where to start looking lol
what kind of music do you normally listen to and what kind of techniques are you trying to learn? if its just chording, and if you like this style of music try johnny hobo/wingnut dishwashers union, or andrew jackson jihad, both very simple 4 chord bands that are awesome to play and sing solo.
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back against the wall by Cage the elephant, plush by STP, be quiet and drive by Deftones, just a phase by incubus, and no other by Black label society are some of my favorites to play.