It is well known that a social hierarchy exists on the internet, and in instances when there is a definite timestamp involved (e.g. join date), generally, the older it is, the better. This phenomenon is noticeably more pronounced in certain spheres of interest, such as forums, where the quantity of users is often large enough, and join rate exponential in nature, that individual achievement takes a backseat to general persona, and the exponential growth rate over time results in a population structure shaped much like a reverse pyramid, with the older timestamps on the apex, and the newer timestamps on the base. It is these prime conditions that allow a select group of influence to flourish.

The plan was to meticulously seek out obscure forums, seeding them with accounts of my own, waiting for the day one of them grows in traffic and popularity. Once sufficient critical mass has been reached, I will awaken these accounts from their slumber, each one's influence greater than any succeeding account.

Yet, there are difficulties with this plan of action. It is difficult to anticipate which forums will eventually reach said mass. There is no criteria one may go by, except for subject topic, which can range from the most obscure to common. Chances are, with each succeeding layer of criteria, the subsequent traffic of the forum is much larger. And it can be of a certain mass that the join date that one possesses to deem one a veteran may have passed. One must demarcate criteria altogether, reducing it to the lowest level of scrutiny, if one's rewards are to be sufficient enough to undergo this endeavor, which is not very hopeful at all, as the failure rate for forum startups is close to 100%. Which is why the alternative method of creating a forum just to be administrator and lord over your subfellows is doomed to failure.

The logistics of creating an account naturally requires an account name. There are certain general rules one must go by. To choose the name of a veteran, one must think like one. One-letter words are particularly good pick, especially if they carry about them an aura of superiority and cultural flavour. I will not bother with the obvious, and for the sake of seriousness disregard the names of multiple alternating alphanumerics from my serious critique. There is a subtle delineation line that separates lackluster names such as "Zeus" and "Trident" from the more cultured "Replicant" and "Zephyr". Context is important as well as the word itself, and true followers will appreciate its etymological value.

Therein lies a quandary, in that one cannot choose which spheres on influence to participate in. No matter how great the insight of any single person, there is a limit to which one can be an expert in all areas of knowledge. In cases where the prevailing topic of opinion is congruent to one's understanding, one can always convert the social value of the said account into monetary terms. Surely one can easily turn into profit the prestige and influence potential that is a quality of said account, into the hands of willing subservients needing some form of social gratification.

Think about what a '05 account means right now. Think what a '10 account will mean 10 years from now. Myself, I have failed on Ultimate-Guitar. I joined much too soon, too recent, when it was already massive. I have come to bid farewell to this failure of an experiment. Only you may pass on my legacy.

~Laces Out Danny
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On second thought, **** tuning forks. You best be carrying around a grand piano that was tuned by an Italian
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I love you

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Who's in a bunker?
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Cant believe I read all that.

taking over the internet isn't exactly a layman's job.

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you high bro?

I have never had more clarity in my entire life.

To those that actually think i'm leaving. Learn to detect sarcasm!
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On second thought, **** tuning forks. You best be carrying around a grand piano that was tuned by an Italian
makes perfect sense to me
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Psh, I'm an Ancient on GameFAQs with 2,167 Karma.

That's my biggest "achievement" forum wise.
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I have never had more clarity in my entire life.

so.. yes?
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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hes got a point.
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That is lamest excuse to leave a forum I have ever heard. Way to go.
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