In the beginning there was light
and they came with their fingers and
their fingernails ragged and serrated from
clawing at boulders and wooing their ignorance,
then they came with their clubs and their
ivory, and then with their bronze and their iron
and then they came with their steel and
their swords and their rape and their pillage,
then with their ships
and their gunpowder
and their nails still rugged from
wooing their ignorance,
and then they came with their bibles
and their malaria and their smallpox
and their guns
and they came with bigger ships and bigger guns
and bigger bibles
and they came with planes
and they came with faster planes
and then they came with their guns again,
and their uranium
and it rotted out their love and their
humanity like so much acid ingested
acid burning up their books and growing up their
children. Corrosive,
volatile acid that rotted out their love.
So they came with their uranium and
their opinions and their oil-streaked chest cavities,
they came and burned down all the cities and the world
just to watch it blackened and watch it cringe and watch
the butterflys shrivel and the dogs wide-eyed
and yelping through flames and they burned to try and
straighten out their fingernails,
they came just to watch the fun
and then they smashed up all the sculptures and
tore to shreds the grass and the butterflys still
flapping through the winds' hollowed soul watching the
ashes still and stolid in their blackness.
They all came with their emptyness and listened to those
butterflys scream until the very last flower wilted,
and then they retreated under their rocks their
fingernails all jagged from scratching up Dalis and Van Goghs and
Picassos, they retreated into their fire and their decadence and
the stars left the sky.
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
I'd be happy to take a look at something if I have time today.
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
intentional reference to the butterfly effect?

interesting how the first part presents human history, and the second ends in a surreal revelatic tantrum.
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i think there were too many words.
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