As the title implies, I could use some suggestions on drum track creation software. Unfortunately, at the moment, I can only reasonably use free programs, but any recommendations would be great.. Specifically I'm looking for a program to create fairly realistic drums to be exported/imported (preferably by file format) into Audacity. Thanks in advance!
Drumkit from Hell is the cheapest decent one at $80, which also includes the price for the original ezdrummer program. Steven Slate drums is only $20 more and is miles better though. I'm not sure if they'll work with Audacity but they will definitely work with Reaper which is a great and free DAW.
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Honestly, it is much easier to use DKFH or Steven Slate drums as a virtual instrument in a decent DAW like Reaper. Rather than exporting and trying to get everything lined up.
drum track id free and the sounds are usable with a little tweaking

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Assuming you can find some decent sample sets online then HotStepper is probably your best bet (http://www.threechords.com/hammerhead/hotstepper.shtml). It's easy to use, a basic matrix sequencer, and you can export the track as a stereo WAV. The basic sounds aren't very good but like I said, if you can find some decent sample sets it's a good program.

If you're willing to shell out some cash I'd suggest the original EZ Drummer or with the Vintage Rock expansion (depending on the genre you're aiming at). The DKFH expansion is waaaaay too processed to use well in most instances; the EQ and compression is brutal and you really need to work on the mix to fit your other tracks around the sonic imprint of the drum track. Addicitve Drums is also a nice, and fairly cheap, alternative. I personally like BFD for some kinds of music, mostly the overblown stuff like 30 Seconds to Mars, and their ECO kit looks like a good deal.
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