OK so i have a Jackson js32t electric guitar an i'm wanting to upgrade my pick ups. Now the type of style an sound i wanna have would be like Bullet for my valentines sound i just love they way there guitars sound some dont but i do. I was looking at the Emg 81/85 combo or the Alexi Laiho Emg pick ups but i see on his guitar he only has one an my guitar has 2 on it so would i be able to get the ALX pick ups or not.
Alexi just uses a passive EMG with an afterburner. you could just buy two passive EMGs and adn afterburner.
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What kind of amp do you play through? Many players say that EMGs aren't all that great through solid state amps, and if you are using one, there is a good chance that your tone will become worse, not better.
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