Ok so I'm buying some new strings, and I have to order them online.
Now I'm buying the classic rotosound roundwounds, which I have already used, and love.
However, there are at least two different sets that I see:

Now one set is much heavier. I never realized this before, and don't remember which ones I used before.
So how different ARE they, tonally and tension-wise?
Which is the "classic" set, say, used by Jaco?
for what it counts, I play a custom fretless jazz, and I play mostly jazz/fusion in general. I just don't want to buy the set that is too light or too hard.
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Switching to a much lighter gauge on a bass is a lot different than switching on a guitar. For one thing, those light strings may sink in your standard-sized nut slots.

The tension will be higher, but I don't think you'll like the loss of heavy low end with the light gauges.

The classic 4-string set is .45 to .105.
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Chances are you bought a set of 45-105. They are the standard gauge of strings
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