Hey guys I just got an acoustic guitar about a week ago and I got obsessed with Andy McKee's "Drifting" which involves so much tapping and slides.

Whenever I do the tap-slide from 11-12-11 fret in the g-string it doesnt sound right (i can still hear the right sound but the out-of-tune sound is louder). I dont know why, but it worked fine until yesterday. I know the string is in tune. When i fret the 11-12-11 in the g string it sounds right, but when i do it by tapping and sliding it is out of tune. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance

P.S. I tried stopping the vibration in the lower frets by slightly touching near past the nut while tap/sliding the 11-12-11 and it sounded better :|
When you tap slide, tones are created from either side of the string(so the string on the neck side vibrates as well). This is a natural occurrence. The only reason you don't hear it when Andy plays is because he's using amplification, which picks up the correct tone he wants to be heard.
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