Anybody here like Miss May I?
Well if so I guess this could be like a discussion thread.
I personally love them, and their a huge inspiration to me.
There's a search tool. Use it to find out if a thread on a band already exists or not.
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Is fingering an emo chick that likes yoy and that has fallen in love with you is it wrong to you to finger her during lunch outside in front of everyone at the high school? would you not care or lol even wish it was you?

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There's been quite a few threads on these guys already, but I'll just say I enjoy them. Nothing really special though.
**** em
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Genital Warts > What Separates Me From You

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Genital warts, what separates me from you
Old album had some nice moments, new one's gonna be complete crap though I can already tell.
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