So I picked up a used Marshall Valvestate 8100 Head for quite cheap just to use for some gigging until my other gear arrives, i just moved in from another province... yay

and my band mate happens to have an MG412 cab, or whatever the heck its called. it plugs into an mg head. would i be able to use the cab for the Valvestate? if not, what would be one that i could run it through?

AND NOTHING TOO EXPENSIVE i have gear arriving. i just need something to pull me through the next few months

thanks guys!
You should be able to run it through that cab, but I wouldn't recommend it because it's a shitty cab. What kind of budget do you have? You can get a second hand cab that's much better
well i dont reaaly want to get another cab, cuz my dads old JCM 800 from waayyyy back is being mailed to me, hes gotta pass the torch lol. and im really looking at no more than 200 canadian. not much of a budget, but i dont think that the 7 gigs we're gonna do in the meantime is really gonna justify a new cab.
lol I bought the valvestate to use for now

my dad is shipping me the JCM

the MG is my frien's random cab that he had lying around for no reason

sorry bout that
I don't know what impedances the Valvestate can run. What does it say on the back?
Also, how many watts is the Valvestate?

additionally, please refrain from bumping. it's technically not allowed, and even more so frowned upon within less than an hour of your last post....It's late friday night. what do you expect.
very true and im sorry about it, but with a gig on sunday and a full day tomorrow....i need a quick answer..

STILL- my bad.
i dont have the amp with me, but i believe its 4 ohm, 100 watts
ohh beat me by one minute, the MG 412 is an 8 ohm cab according to musicians friend, will it work or MUST it be 4 ohm
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Yeah, TS, survive on the MG cab until your other gear arrives. Save some monehs.

EDIT: oops, didn't see that it needs to be 4 ohms. Definitely would NOT use the MG cab then. not using a head with a cab that match in ohms could have bad side effects that I don't want to know about.
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