Hi guys.

I know i already opened 1-2 threads (which is closed) but this is my last day and i never lots of advice.

i got around 400(lesser better) euros and now i must order my guitar before tomorrow

Please dont talk abouth my english or grammer or my current gear. I just need guitar advises. And im posting here beacuse GG&A form is nicer than E-guitar.

I got 3 choice now. You can advise me other guitars too.

1. IBANEZ SA260FM-TLB stock

2.FENDER SQUIER TELE CUSTOM BK + Dimarzio Crunch Lab for bridge pup

3. HARLEY BENTON HBS300TBL + Dimarzio Crunch Lab for bridge + Liquidfire for neck + custom knobs for volume and tone
Later Ibanez Edge Pro trem (in xmas)

Case of the 1 and 2 :

Flight Case for 3.:

I play stuff like RHCP to Megadeth. I need strong distortions but warm cleans.

Mg100dfx (Bugera 333xl-212 in xmas)
Zoom G9.2tt (new analoug pedal board in valantines day)

Please guys i need lots of help.

I dont have time for raising money for another better guitar. ITS MY LAST DAY TO CHOOSE

harley benton hands down.

edit: no wait. ibanez.
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I thinked ibanez too.
But harley benton has same neck and same body thickness. Everything is same except its price.

I can change pups than trem which makes equal money for buying ibanez Sa and than a bridge pickup to it.
You can't judge a guitar just off its specs. I always thought Harley Benton were known for their cabs rather than their guitars. Ibanez seems like a more reputable brand and I've played the SA260FM before. Great guitar.
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harley-bentons are cheap for a reason. Theyre Thomann's own brand, and theyre manufactured to an extremely poor standard. worse than ibanez entry-levels
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Telecaster, imo.

Trems are a pain to set up and use for different tunings. Tele will be more reliable, in some sense.
No don't go for the harley.

With the dimarzio's, it'll sound awesome, but it'll have a poor setup.

Trem guitars usually come with stiff setups when you buy them, thats why i avoid trems. also the feel on trems is a bit irritating, kinda in the way.

The SA has a nice vintage style trem, which is nice, but you wont be able to do dime squeals with it.

What about:


Pacifica's are entry level dons.
I hate yamaha. lol
I realy dislike them

I know that trems are bit tricky and it will be better for harley benton to make it with non locking trem.

But as i told you im going to change trem too

Before 2011 guitar is going to be like this:

Basswood body

Guiled Maple top

dimarzio crunch lab at bridge and liquidfire at neck

Ibanez Edge Pro trem

Custom volume and tone knobs

Also is it possible to turn a locking trem into a vinteage style or no trem ?
i would go for the telecaster

but the best would it be to the store and try them out ,
it would be really good if you could try it on an amp like yours

then you'll see which one fells better
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I hate yamaha. lol

Also is it possible to turn a locking trem into a vinteage style or no trem ?

You can block the trem, essentially stopping it's function as a whammy but keeping it's tuning stability.
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Definitely Ibanez.

May I ask why you have to order it tomorrow and no later?
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Well i can order it until monday. Beacuse im going to send my guitar back and get a new one monday.

Also i dont have choice to try them. NO LOCAL MUSIC SHOP