Hey UG'ers,

My teacher introduced me to the new technique of slapping today, and to say the least I suck so bad at it.

I think the major cause of my sucking-so-bad-at-slapping is because I'm left handed, but use a right handed guitar. So when I go to slap, it's often weak, and since its my right-hand, un-coordinated so sometimes my thumb misses the string altogether .

Is there a way out - as in keep practicing? Or perhaps a video that would better teach me how exactly I would slap, then I could just improve on the power and co-ordination on my own, because at the moment, all I'm making is a dull thudding noise whenever I try to 'slap'.

And 1 last question, is the slap.. like .. hitting the string head on with thumb? Or like brushing the string? Im so confuzzled . Please save me .
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being left handed won't make a difference, you don't need a lot of force, so unless your right arm is literally physically retarded, than you're fine

You answered your own question, it's all practice.

Yes, straight on so that it hits off the fretboard to create the sound you're after.
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Why don't you play a left handed bass?

It is just practice I'm afraid, no other way around it. As for how to slap, there's two ways of doing it. The most common practiced is slapping it head on like you described, a la Flea and Larry Graham. But people also slap by "brushing the string with your thumb, in effect almost using your thumb as a pick, a la Victor Wooten.
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It's not a lack of strength, it's a lack of precision. It will just come with practice. I'm a left handed playing right handed too, and I can slap.
That beeing said, you will always lack speed on the right hand as a lefty, but your left hand will be awesomely good
I think slapping isnt something you can expect to become expert at within a day! I've recently bought a lefty bass with the intention of learning to slap and I'm still very slow, but getting better!

I've been using this video tutorial series on YouTube Link Here . Working for me at least, I've learned to play Higher Ground by RHCP, not quite to full speed yet though!
You don't need much force to move the string to the fret board. Just keep at it!

Also, did you try asking your teacher this questions? Get your money's worth!
^I concur. And get out that metronome and practice slow at first.

What helped me was to visualize my thumb as a drum stick. This is really what Larry Graham was after when he invented the slap technique. He was playing without a percussionist and wanted that percussive sound.
try holding 2 or 3 fingers out and grazing them over the body of the bass. this helps me with my accuracy. kinda lie anchoring but not really
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Thanks for the advice

I'll keep at it. But one thing about hitting the string head on .. No matter how hard I hit the string, all it seems to make is a dull noise, yes it hits the fretboard, and yes it makes the (for example) low E string noise, but it doesn't sound right; you know what I mean? My teacher does it and it sounds wicked, then he makes me try .. "thud, thud, thud - misses string - thud, thud."

Also about brushing the string, yeah I can do that, but it sounds too much like normal just playing the guitar kinda noise, a lot more clearer and louder. <-- Is that what it's supposed to sound like?
There was once a wise Chinese man who said:

"All you can eat, $12.50"
I hate when people just say practice, practice, practice, they arent offering any real advice.
instead, get a LEFTY and then try slapping. or string it upside down. and play it as a lefty. as a left handed person you will have a 100 times more difficulty playing in a right handed position then playing how your brain is wired.
let your thumb bounce off te string when youplay. also it might be becasue you haven't changed strings in a while?
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