I have 2 blisters on one finger tip and another on the next finger. I use these two for playing bass fingerstyle (I play Punk/Rock and barely use a pick). I've popped these blisters (One popped by itself so I popped the others).

It hurts like a bitch. I play bass often but I went over board the other day and did too much. I need the pain to go away as I have a gig tomorrow.

So guise, what do?
Band-aids? They worked for me when I developed my first blister.
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I never get why people pop blisters. They're there for a reason, people, don't be stupid.

Yeah, just put something over them and wait for them to heal, not much else you can do.
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Play with a pick? Or you could cover your finger tips in super glue (not really strong industrial sorta super glue). Don't take my word for it though, I've heard it being done before but never done it myself.
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i just keep playing till it hurts too much then i put a band aid on, i got calluses now so it dont matter (i think thats how you spell it lol)
Take a break. Football players don't play with broken legs. It's just a part of your body adjusting to playing bass. I haven't had blisters in years.
I hope you can play pickstyle. band aid seems to be your best option here if you can't pick.
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I can pick but I find it harder to jump strings for doing octaves. I guess i'll have to depend on my 3rd finger to take over from my 2nd. My 1st finger should heal by tomorrow. Thanks for replies anyway guys.