Hey, i am looking into getting a new amp and wanted to get the line 6 spider amp 15 watts. Which would be better the spider III or IV. because i can get a good deal on the used spider III but wanted to know if it would be worth it just to spend the extra $$ on a new IV.

Woah, here comes the hate on Spiders..

Personally, I'd get the IV, simply coz it's newer and will have better effects on it.
I tried out the Spider IV head and cab and it sounded gorgeous.
Just try both ones out if you can find a place that still sells III's, see what's best for you, but I do prefer the IV.
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Both sound terrible. There's better stuff available for the same price or for a tiny bit more. Depends on what you play and how much cash you have though.
Dont get the Line 6 spider. Check out peavey vypyrs and Vox VTs.
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If you can't afford a Spider Valve don't bother.
Vox VT or Peavey Vyper are better, so is a Roland Cube for that matter. (but I wouldn't buy any of those either)
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check out the flextone on the guitar centers used site, they're really decent. and the tube spiders are also worth looking into.
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Get a Vypyr or a Vox. Or maybe save up and get a Jet City or Blackstar. Those are lightyears better in tone.
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get a peavey vypyr tube 112, much better than spiders. and its $450
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