I was just wondering if what I think here is correct:


Here are some examples, where I think that singers are using mostly mixed voice:

3 Doors Down - Here without you

Faith No More - Easy

Pearl Jam - Jeremy

...and most of their songs are in similar register.

You can hardly get lower/more powerful sounding voice they have if you use head voice too much. And you don't want to push up your chest voice. So I find mixed voice the most useful register in today's rock music.

Am I right? So if I want to sing rock music the register I should concentrate on mostly will be mixed voice?
Yes, I think mixed voice sounds the best and is the most useful for rock.

Or you could be like a skylit drive and use all falsetto head voice. Chicks dig that.
yah but the same applies for almost every genre where you want to go for the whole "Money note" thing

it's just where your voice sounds best, towards the top of your range but before you start to strain or thin out into head voice too much.

Mike Patton's a nice vocalist to listen to if you want to hear a good clean mix, those high notes in Easy for eg like the last chorus where he does some vocal acrobatics and that "I WANNA BE FREEEEEE" part in the bridge
I've also found he's the most helpful singer to immitate as long as you only try to copy his clean sound.
All "mixed voice" really means is that you can actually sing well, it's not some kind of secret hidden register. If you have good control over your chest and head, you'll be able to segue between them indisguishably, making some people even think that high voice you hit was some kind of amazing chest, when in fact it was just a well developed head. With proper practice, you'll be able to put more body and resonance into your head voice to get those strong higher notes in and above your passagio, which is probably what you want.

Mixed voice will come with simply practicing singing.