So after playing with my BassBomb for awhile, I decided I'm selling my 610 and getting another 212 BassBomb. Problem is both will be 4 ohms so my amp selection will be limited to amps that can run 2 ohms.

I really like my SVT-3 Pro tone so right now I'm planning on getting an SVT-4. That way I can send 600W to each 212. For those unfamiliar, the BassBombs can handle 900W.

Before I do this, just looking for suggestions on any other amps that might be a good fit for me. I play mostly metal (death, stoner, etc) so I am a big fan of that ampeg tone, but not strictly limiting myself to it. I've never played an Eden, but I've heard they have a brighter sound so not sure that's ideal for me. Markbass seems nice but I'm on a used gear budget and those rarely pop up on CL.