Hey GG+A I have a couple of questions regarding amps, specifically the Hayden Mofo.

I've been searching for a new amp recently, mostly looking at two channel combos like the Blackstar HT-40 (inb4 lol transistors) and Marshall DSL401. I haven't had the chance to try either of these yet as I have to travel quite a way to get to a store that has one, and I've been pretty busy recently.

Anyway the other day I tried a Hayden Mofo at my local music shop and I really liked it and it seemed to be the sound I was looking for. It was also really portable which is important for uni later this year, and it's a good price.

I didn't get to spend much time with it or crank it so I have a few questions to anyone who has one/has used one.

How do the cleans hold up at gigging volumes? I don't need them perfect, in fact a little bit of grit is welcome, but they should at least be cleanish.

The sort of sound I'm after ranges from classic rock to more modern stuff like the Foo Fighters and Muse. I'm going to hopefully try it again next week and see what I can do with it, but I'd like to know if it can get in the ballpark for this sort of music, even if I have to use pedals.

Are there any other amps in a similar price range (I'm willing to spend about £500 - £600) that would suit me? Preferably a 1x12 combo or a head with a 1x12.

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i haven't tried either the mofo or the blackstar (loltransistors ). The marshall is fairly mediocre, though supposedly a speaker swap helps a fair bit.

i haven't tried it either, but the jet city 50 watter might be worth a try too.
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its a right mother ****er that amp...

also i would suggest you check out the Ornage Rocker/Thunder 30 combo

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