Hi all,

I don't know if anyone can help me here, but the Swim Club refused to answer my question

I just completed my RLSS NPLQ and on the pass form it has a large amount of incorrect personal information,
I'm pretty sure it hasn't been sent off yet but it'll be wrong on the certificate I receive as well if it is not changed and I need it for a Job application pretty quick.
Does that mean I cannot use the pass form I have for the application because it has incorrect information?


I have no idea that that is, but can't you just contact them and tell them your information is incorrect? From what I understand, they will just correct it.
The RLSS told me it wasn't possible to do it at their end until they get the forms but that won't be in time for the job application dead line and the swim club essentially told me to **** off even though it was their mistake

It's a lifeguarding qualification for those of you who don't know
Put your foot down and ask to speak to someone in charge. Be assertive.
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