So While I was sleeping I remember dreaming about me playing on my guitar a really cool riff that I never heard before, So when I woke up I just wrote it and started developing it a bit, has this ever happened to you when the tabs just appeared in your dream?
I thought this would be the most appropiate forum to post this.
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Too many times. I always wake up and forget exactly how the riff goes, though.
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I've never dreamt a riff and remembered it, but if I come up with something in my head I can visualize myself playing it and figure it out from that. Pretty cool though.
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I dreamt about a song. THen I woke up and wrote a totally different song...but hey. Dreams are just to **** with our minds.
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I think I read that the starting riff for sweet home alabama was dreamt about by the lead guitarist.
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Keef did this with Satisfaction.
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Holy crap, check this out!
Half of my songs have started in/from a dream.
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i've dreamt of playing cool riffs, then when i wake up i try to play it exactly the same but when i play the same thing on the fretboard it sounds completely different, and usually sounds awful.
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I've managed to dream almost entire songs before, but when I wake up I can only remember a few random parts
I just wish I could remember anything about my dreams at all...
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yeah iv dreamt of loads of riffs. but i wake up with it in my head at 1ish and it just takes to much effort to get up and work it out on the guitar. and by the morning iv forgotten it :/
I do that sometimes, but it always sounds so much better in the dream...
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yeah but usually i write it down like at three in the morning and when i get wake up and look at it to try to play it its either completely unintelligible or sounds like crap
When you sleep, part of your brain is still thinking. It's that part of your brain that inspiration comes from. You don't follow its thought processes but you get its results. When something just hits you, that's where it came from. Scientists hypothesize that dreams follow this unconscious thought, but they lack the evidence to say so.
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i dreamt about the iron man riff a few days before it was written.... sort of

to be honest....
thats not difficult, they all sound the same since '80 hehe! =D
I've dreamed about a riff once, in which I did create it. I still love how I wrote it but I have no idea what key I'm in or what scale I'm basing it off of lmao. Other than that I dream more of my life than guitar (perhaps if I made my life guitar?).
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Too many times. I always wake up and forget exactly how the riff goes, though.

dude i am so with you on that one!
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to be honest....
thats not difficult, they all sound the same since '80 hehe! =D

huh? Iron Man is from the 80s?... Maybe I misunderstood or you might have typed 8 insted of 7.
It happens occasionally.

Sometimes I dream up riffs, sometimes song topics.

Last night I got an idea to write a song about having a nightmare in a coma.
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all the time and i make myself remember it until i can play again so i can develop the riff
yes, every once in a while. It always happens in the waking stages, when i'm partly awake. It's always a great riff and I never remember it long enough. Happens with lyrics also..
The chorus of one of my songs was taken directly from a dream I had where I was in a classroom, and one of the kids just took out a guitar and broke into song. I mainly remembered the vocal line, and inferred the chords from that and from what I'd remembered. It's funny because I usually have a lot of trouble coming up with vocal melodies, but the one from the dream is probably one of my favorites that I've come up with.

I also sometimes get into these kicks where I am falling asleep, and I just start coming up with music in my head, and it's a lot more complex then what I would usually think up, but I'm always too tired to get up and figure any of it out
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Sometimes, yes. More often though, I start coming up with ideas, usually lyrical, as I'm drifting of and have jump out of bed and find a piece of paper and pen before I lose it.
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Usually when I'm falling asleep, I'll get some bizarre ideas which gradually develop themselves. What I do now is keep a notepad and pen beside my bed, close enough so I don't have to move too much, and jot down the movement of the melodies, or try notating the rhythms and placing the accents (more graphic notation). I try not to move too much because I worry that if I get out of the relaxed state, the piece will just disappear So I'll lay there, do the graphic notation, and get up once the ''dream-sleep'' is over, and rush to the guitar to work it out.

The same thing happens when I'm actually asleep, but I rarely remember anything; I'll usually see the tabs/notation for the full ensemble and the lines will be ridiculously complex but still musical, but I never remember it. =\
This is how Duane Allman wrote Little Martha. In a dream Jimi Hendrix, after he had passed, showed him how to play a song, using a faucet on a sink as a fretboard. When Duane woke up he played Little Martha.

For me, I write some of my best lyrics as I'm laying in bed trying to fall asleep. When I'm like half asleep great lines or melodies will come to.
The other night a came up with this little lick, but was way too lazy to get up and play it.
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I kind of have in that I'm most creative late at night and early in the morning when I'm really groggy.

Does that happen to anyone else?

It's kind of annoying 'cause once I'm fully conscious, I lose the flow of whatever I was playing, can't think of a way that fits into the melody of finishing it. Basically, I have a hard time making full instrumentals