I think the vocals should be louder and a little clearer because i couldnt hear the lyrics, that may just be me, I have bad ears. Also the paper shuffling really doesnt sound good to me. practice more and learn the whole song off by heart or lay all the papers out so theres no pause or shuffling. Other than that I really enjoyed that song

If you could look at mine thatd be great thanks
Thanks for the feedback probably should have included the same info as i had in in my youtube post on her, but i was aware of those problems and was planning to do it again if feedback was good

I really like the idea. I think this could be a really nice, smooth song with some fine-tuning and stuff like that. I like the recording quality as it is, because it adds an air of authenticity to whatever it is you're saying. Work on making the solo guitar sound a little "closer", if that makes sense. Right now, it's too far back in the sound, and needs to be brought foreward.

One more thing. I'm not sure how comfortable you are with singing, but I'd really like to hear you dig into the lyrics and kinda semi-belt them out as you reach the end of the song. Just a thought; take it or leave it

Anyway, I dig, and I'm curious to see what the finished product would sound like.

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You know, when I first listened to it, I was thinking that I didn't really like the lo-fi aspect, but when the rustling of the papers came in, I actually liked it.

The song has a great feel to it, like, I can totally imagine the song being played in the evening, in your bedroom or something, it has a real comfortable and homely feel, you know? The instruments you've used, the smokey kind of vocals, rustling paper and scales you've picked have a nice, relaxed atmosphere, you've done it really well.

However, as much as I liked the spontaneous sound it had, I think the vocals should be a little higher in the mix. They just weren't loud enough for me to be able to fully appreciate.

But if you do rerecord it for that purpose, you should keep it all lo-fi, I really like it how it is. Keep up the good work!

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