for bad to ok sound quality just use a computer headset/mic plugged into the mic jack(pink). For good quality you could use a 1/4 to 1/8 converter in the headphone jack of the amp and use a 2-sided 1/8 auxiliary cable to run the headphone jack of the amp into the computers line-in jack(blue). You could also get a portable recorder with a headphone jack and have that output with an auxiliary cable into the line in. Finally, for some money, you can get a recording device that will take in the mic you have and output to a 1/8 cable or USB into your computer.

here is a converter

here is an auxiliary cable

if you find one of these, you wont need a converter

here is a portable recorder

here is a recording box

the cheapest for good quality is the headphone jack idea. hope it helps
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How would I be able to record my electric guitar using a mic near my amp? what plugs/wires/etc do i need? i would also like to keep the sound quality good.

Yea if you have a mic you have half the gear. I highly suggest a simple audio interface to pair with it though such as the M-audio Fast Track MKII. This will connect Via USB to the computer and Sony Vegas has the ability to record audio as well as do basic editing to the tracks.

Another way you could go is with another program such as Reaper to record and edit the audio and once that's polished up you can export it as a WAV file and import that into Sony Vegas.

but once again you need a mic and audio interface in the end.