Everyone knows that at most grocery stores, along with the brand name food product, they have a cheaper generic brand version of the same food. It's a great way to save a few bucks by not getting brand name food. But, of course there's always a slight difference. My question is, what are the generic brand items that you can't stand and have to get name brand?

For me it's oreos. I'm in love with Oreos, but the generic brand cookies just never taste the exact same or good enough. Plus, they don't taste as good as an oreo dipped in milk. Nothing else in the world can beat a soggy oreo in milk

Not just limited to food, other generic stuff too.


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Some products are basically the same.

One of my teachers in College was doing a Promotion plan for Maple Leaf bacon. He was told that they needed 2 kind of packaging: One for MAple Leaf, the other one for President's Choice.

It was the same exact bacon. SAME THING. 45% less expensive.
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I used to need a fair amount of Advil whenever I got any exercise because of a hurt leg that never completely healed. My parents would save money every now and then by getting store-brand ibuprofen and it never worked.
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Drugs are grand. But when it comes to foodstuff and drinks etc, they majority of the time they don't taste as nice.
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Poptarts, oreos, some clothing, games, and toothpaste.

I had socks fall apart on me from wearing them a day playing tennis. Twas ridiculous.
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I agree with the toothpaste. I have sensitive teeth so I have to use sensodyne. Nothing else works for me except that; not even the Colgate Sensitive Teeth stuff. Only that one brand.

Sainsbury's own tinned tuna is the best I've ever had. Of course, you've gotta add your own olive oil but hey.

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Somerfield coke: 20p per 2 litres.
Coke Cola: £2.20 or so per 2 litres.

The extra £2 is worth it so much.

Hah, I remember buying Somerfields own brand coke, that stuff was horrible.
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soup. seriously the extra 30p for heinz is worth it.
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At Safeway, their new store brand, Refreshe, i actually prefer over Coke or etc... its cheaper, less syrupy, less sugar, and better overall taste IMO.
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Pizza and shampoo are the only generic items that I avoid. Supermarket-branded pizza is pretty shit.
However, the thing about pizza is that, like sex or Jimi Hendrix, even if it's bad, it's still pretty good.

EDIT: also toothpaste.
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