My buddy is going, and asked if I wanted to come, but I really can't spend any money at the moment. And I know very little about the band. But have fun.
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I believe i most definitely will. They're fantastic. You should look them up.
I've read, probably here, that it's not just Dan and Patrick anymore. Are they touring a full band? If so, how does it work?

I want a review when you get back.
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^They have a bassist and keyboardist for songs off of Brothers. Otherwise, it's just the 2 of them.

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WHOLE E BALLS! That was the most amazing thing i have ever witnessed. The Blakc Keys are amazing. I was soooo stunned that a drummer and guitarist could sound so huge. It's an amazing feeling when you realize the whole balcony is moving.

FYI: They had a bassist and and a keyboard player for 4 songs (including one in the encore) to play songs fron their new album. Other than that, it was just Dan and Pat.