Its like..... I wrote some songs on Em scale....But dont knw how to change scale of the sing in the middle of the song. U knw what i mean? Like putting a bridge which should not sound like songs other part and which should sound different from the rest of the parts of the song....

So now please tell me how to do it. Im using Em scale.

Thanks in advance...
i dont think theres rules to that really
it would help if you knew what scale or key your trying to change to
A key change?
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Usually, the best key change to do is to the key either side on the circle of fifths, mainly the dominant.
So, you're in Em.
You want to change key for the bridge, use the B minor, and then start using E minor again for the rest of the song.
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There are different ways to do this. Here are two:

1. Simply change to the new key.

2. Find an in-between chord. After playing the last chord of the old key, find a chord that lets you smoothly transition to the first chord of the second key.

Most of the songs I play will transition to the root of the new key, although there are no hard, fast rules that say you must do this. You could just as easily start with the iii or V of the new key. Play what you think sounds best.