I am selling my Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier Series II head. Would really like to sell for cash or do a trade plus cash but I am interested in strait up trades as well.

In mint condition. No rips or tears in tolex. Has some swirling on the diamond plate face panel but other than that no other issues. Has non original footswitch which I had made by a member on another forum. Works great. Controls solo and channel select. Also power cord is included.

Cash Price:
$950 shipped OBO (Prefer Paypal Gift/Payment Owed Option or Add 3% For Fees)
Willing to negotiate. Feel free to offer

Tradewise Looking For:
-Marshall JCM 800, THD, Orange, Splawn, Fuchs, Suhr, Mesa Mark/Stiletto Series, Bad Cat Dave Friedman Modded Jet City, Framus, Low Watt Amp(Boutique/Vintage/Etc..), OFFER!
-Might also consider a nice guitar (No Floyds, No Actives, Nothing Pointy)

If you have it, offer it. All offers are accepted and will be taken into consideration.