I'm hoping you can recommend a few good beginner guitars to look at. A friend of mine is wanting to learn guitar but I've never been an acoustic guy so I'm not sure on what would be a good starter.

Acoustic or Electro-Acoustic which would be good to try a wide variety of styles. For £200/$300 max.

Thanks for any suggestions!
For that price, don't worry about electronics. Just buy the best acoustic you can, within budget and start learning.
I got a Mitchell AE guitar and I love it. I've been playing it for a year now.. got it for $200 and don't regret anything about it. It has a really nice sound and I don't have anything bad to say about it.
On the basis that you put the pound sterling budget first, I'll assume you're in the UK. I'm not a particularly experienced acoustic player, beyond my starting guitar I've only owned one other which was quite recently bought. Not too sure if I think so highly of it because I just bought it within the last week, but I thought I should mention this one:

The Tanglewood Nashville III series seems to offer good value. I have the TF8 model, entirely solid wood (as in not laminated), the strings aren't too high, and I personally think it has a very nice tone. You'll probably want some information from someone more experienced with acoustics, but to spend £200 and get this with a hardcase I felt was an extremely good deal.

Whatever you choose to buy, best of luck with learning to play!
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yamaha makes some of the best quality and best bang for your buck guitars in that price range. i've also heard good things about tanglewood, but i find that while takamine makes good quality guitars in that price range, they don't sound as good as yamahas do.