So i've decided to buy that fender CD60. My question is as it comes with bronze strings as standard, if i decide to replace it will steel strings will it in anyway affect the guitar?
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Almost all acoustic strings are some form of bronze alloy, at least they are the most common you are going to find. To be honest, it doesn't matter what you string it up with as long as the tension is the about the same. If its too little or too much, you'll start having issues with the neck beginning to shift and throwing the action on your guitar off.

Though I don't think I know entirely what you mean by steel string. When they say "steel string guitar" they mean an acoustic, as opposed to a classical (nylon string guitar). Phosphor bronze strings ARE steel strings.
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Exactly. There are many variations of the exact alloy used on the wound strings. Phosphor Bronze, Brass, "copper" (actually, a bronze alloy heavy on the copper), etc.

The core of all these strings is steel, as are the unwound strings.