Hi guys,

I got some new Dean Markley Blue Steels 52-11 and put them on my guitar. On the G string I'm not getting the right sounds when I bend at the 9th fret when playing Fade To Black. My nut has had a good beating too however, the guitar fell over a while back now and the strings at the headstock got caught on something and this shaved a bit off the nut. To get the G string to sit in place I had to use a knife and carefully cut a deeper hole where the string sits. Will this have stuffed the pitch?

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you should try setting up you intonation and try raising the action a wee bit and if that doesn't work invest in a new nut or take it to a shop.
edit: just get a new nut i looked at the pic and that beat up pretty nasty.
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im nto really sure what the F happened to your guitar but its hurting my eyes. dear lord dude did you take your guitar into battle?

cutting a deeper string groove can affect your action and create buzz if its too short. i would put your amp on clean and go up and down every single fret with 1 finger (no chords) and pluch each string slowly and deliberately and listen for buzz on each fret.

and you need a new nut. no way around that. thats the most F-ed up nut ive ever seen. lucky though, its a cheap part unless you want a fancy one. theres no way your guitar plays well like that. how do the strings even stay in?

im guessing my looking at it is a gibson/epiphone or a copy?
It's a Les Paul copy and it isn't as bad as you would think, I have the truss rod cover off and the camera showed a lot of detail.

That's a better picture, How much would a nut and installation cost? Just a estimate as I'm in NZ and I will convert the costs.
that sorta happened to me wit the Low E. i changed from reg 10s to 10 heavy bottoms and the slot wasnt big enough. it cracked part of the nut - the outside peice like....if you were playing teh guitar and looked at the nut, the first area you would see. the outside lip holding in the low E.

well it cracked off. the string still stayed in place, enough of the curve was there to hold it...just like yours. however, therews clearly a peice missing. i took epoxy, found the peice (dont know how) and glued it back on.

seems solid. you can see a hairline crack, but i put it back on pretty perfect. and epoxy is probably a stronger material than teh nut, so as long as it bonded well, its not going anywhere.

besides your strings staying in place, be carefullabout depth, like i said, if you go to loe your action will have issues.
Replace that nut immediately, Strings that loose over surfaces that rough cannot be good.

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