I know I’ve seen that face before
The visage haunts my dreams forever
I swear I’ve seen that face before
But it’s not the same face anymore

Is that you I see?! (Please...)
Is it you?! (No!)

I know I’ve heard that voice before
The sound like an angel’s chorus
I must have heard that voice before
But never from the mouth of a *****

Is that you I hear?! (Please...)
Is it you?! (No!)

I know I’ve felt this way before
Like a silk blanket pulled over
I’m sure I’ve touched this skin before
But never have I hated it more

Is that you I feel?! (Please...)
Is it you?! (No!)

I know I’ve tasted this before
Sweat as a ripe nectar
No doubt I’ve tasted it before
But now that taste has turned sour

Is that you I taste?! (Please...)
Is it you?! (No!)

That’s not your face anymore!
That’s not the voice that I adore!
That’s not the feeling I hoped for!
That’s just a flavour that I scorn!

Is it really you?!
It can’t be you!
Is it really you?!
Please... No!