Would running a tube mic preamp, such as one of the ART mic preamps, have any real effect on your sound, or the feel of the amp (response)? I've seen a couple guitarist do it, and for one in particular (using an Marshall MG) it seemed to help the tone a bit. Would it help at all, or would it just be a placebo effect?

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wouldn't do much, those ARTs would give a bit of a tube based signal boost, which gives a bit more drive, but, not much else. I can't see it actually improving the tone much.

If you can't have tubes everywhere, you at least want it in the power section. The old Peavey VTX and Deuces being a good example. Solid state preamp, Tube poweramp.
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I actually used to have a tube amp (Crate Vintage Club 30), but I sold it to prep for leaving for college. My current amp is a Line6 Axsys212, and it's a great amp, but to get the amp to really shine (feel wise) I have to crank it to 4 or 5, which isn't really doable because it runs 2 50w poweramps.
'89 MIJ Fender Strat
Rivera S-120
'60s PEPCO Model 211 5w head
'60s Paul (Pepco) 1x12 tube amp
'60s Harmony H303a 1x10 tube amp
You would spend your money more wisely by taking the $100 or so for the preamp, selling your current amp, and buying a used amp that's better, whether SS or tube.
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It's unlikely to make a huge difference.

If you're looking to add 'sponginess' run a compressor in the loop and use less gain.

If you're looking to add responsiveness running the tube preamp out front might make a slight improvement.
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