Right basically, I've been getting more serious about going to University after my final year doing the Popular Music B-TEC in college.

I've never done any gradings in music, although I like to think I'm an good bass player, I play songs such as Portrait Of Tracy - Jaco Pastorius, and pretty much any Jamiroquai song, there are countless others. Anyways on the technical side I believe I'm pretty good, it's just the theoretical side I'm worrying about. I can read basic stuff, and I'm recently learning more scales mainly within the 7 diatonics.

I'm wondering what grade it's possible to start at, because I think might be a waste of time learning the reallllly basic stuff like grade 1 for instance, because I can play pretty much anything. I'm just wondering what grade I should start at, and how long approximately it would take me to get up to grade 8 from my starting grade? Just that I'd love to be able to go to Uni after a year at grade 8.

Any help is well and truly appreciated, sorry if I didn't word things too well, as this is kinda like looking for a shadow in a pitch black room.
Don't start at grade 1. If you are technically good and yo can read basic stuff then I would say grade 5. I started on 3 because I knew basically no theory and now I'm on 5 and it doesn't seem that hard so far. In a year it is unlikely that you can go from anything below 7 and still achieve grade 8, so you may want to start at 7 and just try to catch up with the theory if you think you're capable. You could even start at grade 8, just tell your teacher that you want to and they can't really say no (you do pay them after all). The only problems you may encounter are:

-You may not be able to pass grade 8 after a year going from no grading whatsoever. That's MAY not. You may be able to do it easily, you never know.

-You may need to take quite a number of lessons a week to be able to pass

-You may need a 5/6 string bass to practice on if you don't have one (I'm not sure whether it's manditory, but I always see higher grade people using them over a 4 string.

Anyway, if you really want to be grade 8, then you may as well try form grade 7/8, and good luck in whatever route you choose to take.

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That's cool, it's opened my eyes a bit more as well, I actually think I'm going to have 2 years now instead of just 1, so I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

But yeah I'll look into a higher amount of strings as well, something I've been considering for a while.

Thanks a lot for the help mate
Didn't you do any type of theory stuff in your BTEC? In mine we did a 2 year crash course up to Grade 5 theory.

But in saying that though i went from doing a BTEC in Music Practise and Performance to a BA in Popular Music Studies at the Leeds College Of Music with no grades what so ever. They ask for a equivalent normally e.g. grade 5 equivalent for theory and 7/8 for perfoming. Thats what is was like for me any... Hope that helps