Anybody heard of them?

I am totally convinced that the songs Sorrel and Front Page News have some of the most beautiful twin guitar lines I've ever heard in them. The line I'm referring to in Sorrel will become really apparent as soon as you listen to it, and the wah-wah solo at the end if phenominal too.

As for Front Page News, the line I'm thinking of is in the last minute or so of the song... you'll know it when you hear it.

Great band, very melodic. A good album to pick up would be Argus, I'd say that it contains just about all of their best songs.

PS: Phoenix is an epic jam and a half.
had not heard of them untill now. they are pretty good!
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Excellent band, awesome dual guitar, love Argus
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ofc i've heard of them, they are the shiz-biz
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Argus is an awesome album, just picked it up on CD. Twin Barrels Burning is really good as well.
Twin Barrels Burning? I'll have to pick up that album the next time I'm at the store.

early 80s album that is more hard rock than the usual from them.
Wishbone Ash are awesome, very few people I know have heard of them
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Good band from what I remember. I've got Argus and a Greatest Hits album but haven't listened to either in a long time. Throw Down the Sword is a great tune.
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