This has gotta be my favorite album by them.

Wings Wetted Down has gotta be the sleeper hit of the album... great tune, lot of feeling.

7 Screaming Diz-Busters... awesome.

Hot Rails to Hell... awesome.

There's more, go give it a listen.

EDIT: shit, how could I forget - Baby Ice Dog and Teen Archer are awesome too.
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good album but i like SECRET TREATIES better. you forgot to mention The Red And The Black and OD'D ON LIFE ITSELF both excellent songs and still played live to this day. get the expanded version of the cd as it has some great live songs on it.
Yeah, Secret Treaties is another good BOC album... and thanks for the tip, I'll have to hunt for the extended album.

there are extended versions of most of the BOC catalog, well worth looking for. the extended version of SOME ENCHANTED EVENING has extra live tracks as well as a dvd of a show from that tour. the 1st album has pre eric bloom material and ST has some unrelesed songs as well as their single only version of Born To Be Wild.
What about Spectres?? Awesome. It has Godzilla, which really kicks ass!