Hey guys, i just joined a band (AsFearFalls, check out our youtube channel even though we got no vids haha) and i was wondering if i could just buy a speaker or cab and run my bass through that with nothing else. Is this possible? and if so what are some decent and cheap distortion/overdrive pedals i could buy? Thanks.
You can't run a non-amplified source through a passive speaker. Well you can, but you won't hear anything. That's why people buy amplifiers. You can't skip that stage.

You can however plug your bass straight into the PA, and let it do the amplification. However this is not ideal, because the bass amp is designed for amplifying bass frequencies in a certain way as to characterise the sound tonally, whereas PAs are all about ideal reproduction of the source.
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Would it work it i pugged my guitar into a shitty 10-watt and then plugged the amp and speaker together via the headphone jack? It seems like its possible but i just wanna make sure.
it would sound like you were running your cab with a 10 watt guitar amp... so like really quiet and lousy tone.
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for god's sake just buy or borrow or steal a friggin bass amp

don't we have an FAQ to stop people asking such questions
Well why not check the FAQ before you ask the question? It makes more sense than asking a stupid question then getting butthurt and resorting to childish namecalling.
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TS you cant plug your 10w amp into a speaker cabinet because none of the outputs on your 10w amp will supply power to the cab. Also, using a shielded cord such as a headphone cord is just asking for shitty tone/something to blow up
If you're short on cash for a head then you can use EHX's pedal-sized amps like the 22 Calibre and 44 Magnum.

Buy an amp before you buy a cab if you have to pick one before the other. Cabs are useless without amps but amps are good for plugging straight into the PA.