my band is currently recording home recorded demos and need some help. When we record the drums we have 2 overheads, 1 snare mic and 1 bass drum mic. Its a decent enough kit but the mics are very cheap drum mics. The cymbals sound like 'tin' and i was wondering if that was the mics or the position of the mics? Any hints or tips would be great. We were maybe looking into getting some better overheads. Any suggestions? We are looking to spend around $150 for each overhead.

Our practice room is sound proof so there are not a whole lot of acoustics. Would you recommend recording drums where there are more acoustics?

Also, would a Shure SM58 be any good as a room mic for drums or anything else for the drums?

and if you would like to listen to the tracks to get an idea of 'tin' sounding cymbals the links are below.

Thanks again!
get a decent condenser for rooms. AKG perception 220 would be a great choice. sm58 would be good for snare or kick. if you want a more specific kick mic, there are plenty of those out there too.