Ok, I've got a few good riffs on an acoustic, and I'm planning on adding lyrics. Basic layout is first met < best friends but not really dating < college < summer < wow you're a *****.

I need some help in putting those basic events into a song. What techniques do you guys use to put thoughts into music?
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Ummmm. The basic layout makes it seem like a country song. Try just writing and see if it works out.
Ehh, more acoustic than country, but I've had a ton of bluegrass/country influence over the last few months. Plus it's easiest to play acoustic stuff at parties and such (notice the college part lol).
I'll post the lyrics up when I'm happy with 'em, but is that what most people do? Just start writing until it works?
Pretty much. And if you aren't careful then you will get boo'd out of whatever venue you are playing. make the riffs easy to play on an amp too.
Yea, I will. I put away the Drop B for a while and am giving this stuff a shot. And I have no intentions of playing in front of people when I am the center of attention... it's more of a pussy puller than anything haha
Nice. Just watch how you do it or it will sound like a country song. I was doing something similar a couple of days ago and it sounded like a country song.
Hey, in North Carolina, country works. 'til now it's been covers of Old Crow Medicine Show or Corey Smith, and it hasn't failed. A Day To Remember works, but I just feel gay playing it for some reason. I'm thinking of going another direction all together and just making out about getting drunk and having sex. Hmm. I'll post a thread with whatever I come up with tomorrow or sometime tonight.
Don't try to sound like anything, just let yourself write.

Even if it don't make sense at first just take a break for a while, it might be a minute or a year and come back to it.
actual lyrics go in the main forum. you can repost the thread i just closed with a proper title and following the rules, people then might comment on it and you might get some help.
this forum section is for technique/style/views/inspiration/etc. discussion.
go give the rules a read.