For some reason whenever I switched from Super Slinkys to Skinny top heavy bottoms i cant tune to standard without my brigde looking like its bending up...im not sure what bridge it is but its on a Ibanez rg120.

I want to tune back to standard for a few songs but im stuck on c# tuning for less tension. HELP!
On the back of the guitar, there is a cavity where the trem claw and springs are, open that up and tighten the 2 screws that are going into the body towards the neck. That will pull the bridge back down.
Thats not going to put more tension on the strings is it....last thing I want is a snapped string.
littlephil's advice is correct. If I'm not wrong your guitar has a floating bridge does it not? It shouldn't make the strings snap, it'll just bring your bridge down and you'll have to retune.

I'd recommend you keep the guitar in one tuning, it does have a double-locking system right?
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The thicker the gauge of the strings, the more tension they have. That's what's causing your bridge to do that, since your guitar is set up for lighter gauge strings (9's I assume).
Quote by CJL666
Thats not going to put more tension on the strings is it....last thing I want is a snapped string.

Yes, that's what you need. The string tension and the spring tension have to balance to get your bridge to be level. If your bridge is to high, then you have to increase spring tension (by screwing them in more) to compensate, and if it's too low, you have to screw your springs out to compensate that way.

Almost all of the time you have to increase spring tension though.

Just work at it, and you'll get it. Screw, then tune, and repeat that process until it's in tune and the bridge is level.
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