I need to change a pickup ring on my jackson dk2m and was wondering if removing all the strings to do so will harm my neck and bridge in anyway and if there were precautions to take to ensure nothing goes bad lol
If you know how to set up the guitar, it won't harm anything.
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no it wont. where is this idea from that without the tension of the string your guitar neck gets ****ed up? the neck shouldnt bow, they are in the factory for months without being on a guitar.

if you have a floyd just be careful and take the strings off all at the same time(loosen the strings a little bit all at once and keep doing them slowly all at once until the bridge is resting on the body, then you can take the strings off 1 at a time)
^ +1000.

Common sense people... If you could never take strings off a guitar, how would you ever change strings, properly clean it, do maintenance, change pickups, etc. etc. etc.?

If anything, it's logical to think that the neck would be ruined from putting strings on in the first place. The neck did exist for a long time without any strings on it. It's not like they cut necks out of trees and there are strings in the trees already on them.

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if you know how to set up a guitar, then you can take off all your strings.

if you do not know how to set up your guitar, then know that there's a really good chance
you'll need to adjust the guitar again afterward.

sometimes, neck, sometimes bridge adjustments are needed to get it back to the way it was before.

so if you do take off all the strings, brace the bridge first, so it doesn't move.


send me a PM if you can and need help setting up the guitar more than that after.

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