Damn! I'm impressed.

Edit: WHY doesn't UG have any tabs for this guy?
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Damn. Thanks for introducing me to him. I wonder if he has any CDs.
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this guy is beast i really want some tabs on this guy i heard him on limitless and it was beast it was walking im suprised he is australian he just sounds like american people dont know what muisc is no a days they all like dubstep and that crap someday it may be fully revived
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Damn. Thanks for introducing me to him. I wonder if he has any CDs.

oh yes he does. plenty. I dont have any of his yet, and as a fellow aussie I should..

he is pretty awesome.
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he sounds like a real son house fan :p

why do you need tabs? the stuff he's playing isnt that hard, just the way he's playing it
I have seen him heaps of times and I have all his cds check out introducing Ash grunwald. Its a covers disc. Rad. Also fish out of water which has originals!!!!!\

Someone who is better than me make tabs of him so i can learn.