my band is currently recording home recorded demos and need some help. When we record the drums we have 2 overheads, 1 snare mic and 1 bass drum mic. Its a decent enough kit but the mics are very cheap drum mics. The cymbals sound like 'tin' and i was wondering if that was the mics or the position of the mics? Any hints or tips would be great. We were maybe looking into getting some better overheads. Any suggestions? We are looking to spend around $150 for each overhead.

Our practice room is sound proof so there are not a whole lot of acoustics. Would you recommend recording drums where there are more acoustics?

Also, would a Shure SM58 be any good as a room mic for drums or anything else for the drums?

and if you would like to listen to the tracks to get an idea of 'tin' sounding cymbals the links are below.

Thanks again!
Recording drums is both a work based on personal taste, and technical knowledge. The tinniness could be from the mics themselves, but you also might have them too close to the cymbals. There is a common misconception that overheads are just getting the cymbal sound, but the goal with over heads is to get a "view" of the kit from above that gets the up front presence of the cymbals, and adds depth to the rest of the kit, especially when not close miking the toms. Miking it up as cymbal mics involves different techniques altogether.

Anyway, my recommendation is to have the overheads 8"-12" away from the cymbals. As for room acoustics, that all depends on the sound you are going for. I've recorded drums in a big room for the acoustics, but I've also recorded them in a small drum room, and either re-amped them in a room, or just used the reverb while mixing. I've also done drums in a bathroom, and a hallway, and outside (they sounded ****ing killer outside, I might have a sound clip from that session.) A lot can be done if you know your reverb module well, and how you want it to sound.

Also, I wouldn't bother with rooms mics if the room you record in is sound proofed, they won't add anything. The room mics work well for getting the sound if a big room to blend in subtly as verb.

I know it's a lot, but I hope it helped.
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For your overheads, which mics are you using?
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Yes. Make sure you have a mix of condenser and dynamic mics as well. To reduce nasty high frequencies and tinniness move the kit away from/cover up the windows in the room with a thick material.

The SM58 is a good all round mic, but being a dynamic mic I'd expect to do better on the snare or bass.
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