Ok, so I've decided to try my had at writing songs for the acoustic for situations like parties or family events where Drop B and gain at 11 don't really work well. I decided I'd make the words solely about drinking, since college doesn't offer much else to do. So do you guys think this is worth pursuing based on what I've got so far? Input is appreciated.

When I woke up this monday morning,
I knew how this day was gonna go.
I got up at 7, drove to work,
I got paid as if I didn't even bother to show.
Well I got home, and I grabbed a beer,
and to the liquor store I'm gonna go.
I spent a hundred bucks on liquor and beer,
and now the party can begin round 6 or so
I call on the world, and invite some friends,
They did the same and well what do you know,
it's 8 o'clock, we're all getting started,
and by 10 o'clock we have ourselves a real shit show.

Just did that, I'm pretty tired, so I appologize for any grammatical issues. Blahh