Hey UG,

First of all pick up your guitar and follow along with what I write in the post (put your fingers on the frets and so on) as it will make WAY more sense that way.

I'm getting string buzz (very shrill and pretty continuous) when I play the 4th fret of the D strings BUT ONLY when I'm also pressing down on the 5th fret of the A string (not even plucking the A string).

As soon as I lift the finger off of the 5th fret A string the buzzing stops.

I can't get it to buzz when I only have the 4th fret pressed down no matter how hard I pluck or press the string down.

The guitar's and Epiphone g400, this happens when played acoustically (not plugged in), I haven't tried to see if it's audible through the amp yet.

What may be happening here?
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