So I noticed that, for instance, Dimarzio has some of their humbucking pickups in the single coil sized "rails" version as well (e.g. Tonezone). How do these compare to the full sized versions?
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Ok since no ones gonna respond,I use the sds(super distortion single) and its really hot and really loud but not quite as hot as its full sized brother lol.go to the dimarzio site and read and compare the output in millivolts for example the tone zone single coil puts out 300mv and the full sized puts out 375mv but on the other hand its putting out more than many full sized ones like the paf and air norton...

I wouldn't mind thrying out one of the tzs pickups cause I love the sds
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single coil size humbuckers often retain some of the strat sound with more balls. not quite the same as a full size HBer. depends on which ones you are talking about. the stacked ones tend to be more single coilish in sound, the side by side more hberish.
Those dont sound like a full blown Humbucker. They are sort of half way from single coils towards Humbuckers.

For some, its best of both worlds. for others its neither this nor that.

so check out yourself if you like the tone.
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Quote by meghrs88

For some, its best of both worlds. for others its neither this nor that.

so check out yourself if you like the tone.

+1, exactly.
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