My current amp isn't very good, and I now decided to buy a new one.
The problem is that I have no idea what is important when looking for a new amp.
Can you give me some general ideas on how to pick the amp that fits me most?
what amp do you currently have?
what's your budget?
what guitar do you currently have?
what genres do you play?

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Mesa/Boogie Road King head w/ 2x 412 Road King Cabinets. That will kick arse in everything, at all times, no questions asked. It is ~$13,000 though.
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Mesa/Boogie Road King head w/ 2x 412 Road King Cabinets. That will kick arse in everything, at all times, no questions asked. It is ~$13,000 though.


-Gibson Les Paul 2008 standard
-MIA Fender sunburst
-Orange Rockerverb C
-Peavey Valveking 212
-Roland 30x
-Line 6 pod x3
My advice? Well, first you need to ask yourself a few questions.

1. What type of music are you wanting to play?
2. Will you be using the amp for practice, recording, gigging or just jamming with friends?
3. What features do you think you will use the most?
4. Will you be buying online, or in a brick and mortar shop?
5. How much are you willing to spend?
6. Are you easily affected by hype? (Yes, that is a serious question you need to ask yourself)

After you ask and answer those questions to yourself Then follow these steps...

Step 1: Grab your guitar.

Step 2: Go to Music shop.

Step 3: Find an Amp that fits your price point.

Step 4: Plug in and play through it. Make sure to test all the nifty features of the amp. If you don't like it, find another one, play through that.

Step 5: Once you find what you are looking for, purchase the amp.

Step 6: Take Amp home, set it up, and play to your heart's content.

Seriously though, always remember that Name brand means NOTHING. It's what feels, and sounds good to YOU over all else. Also, amplifiers always sound a little different at the store than at home. That's why it is always recommended to bring YOUR axe with you, and play around with amp settings a bit before taking it home. This lets you get a feel for the capabilities and nuances of the particular amp you are looking to buy.

A good thing to take note of is to ask about the return policy of the particular shop you are purchasing from. This is important information to have handy, because most shops do offer a grace period on equipment. This is in case you get the amp home, and decide that it isn't for you.
Ok, here are some answers:
Current amp: Boogey (20Watt)
Budget: around 350$
Current guitar: Richwood stratocaster, but I'm about to buy a new one. A possible new guitar is Cort EVL-z2 for example
Favourite style: Symphonic metal (Epica, Delain, Within Temptation,...) but from time to time I like to play a different kind of styles.

Extra's: the amp is meant to play at home, so I don't need something special to play concerts.
Somthing else you should know: I have the Digitech DF-7 and Digitech RP-350. So I allready have a lot of effects. My new amp doesn't need to have all these effects.
I find that it's very hard to get an epic sound on a budget. A lot of epic bands use Mesa's, which aren't cheap. Within Temptation uses Mesa Boogie rectifiers, and so do Nightwish, even though you didn't mention them, they're kind of in the same vein.

It's very hard to recreate a Mesa sound on a budget, as their sound isn't that easy to achieve with any other amp.

You're not going to get very much with that low of a budget. You can look into Bugera, though I'm not familiar enough with them to suggest any models.

I can suggest a Peavey ValveKing though. As far as I know, it's the closest you can get to a good epic tone. Just get a used 112, and then get a compressor to go with it. You'll need a noise suppressor too, if you don't already have one. Get everything used, of course. You should be able to squeeze it all in, if you're patient enough.
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Disagree strongly with the Valveking, not the best choice - fizzy, harsh, and far too loud for home use.

Blackstar HT-5 is probably the best you'll get in the price range, nothing else springs to mind.
$350 will only get you the head, but you should be able to use your old amp as a makeshift speaker cab until you can afford a proper one.
If you decide to get into gigging in the future it'll need mic'ing up even for rehearsal, but for home use it's perfect.