Hey guys, I'm gonna try to keep this as short as possible...

I've been a metal guitarist all my life (I'm 28) and have been pretty much a family man the last 4.5 years, not playing guitar AT ALL after moving out of town away from my band. I'm a huge stoner and have been listening to The Expendables, Slightly Stoopid, John Brown's Body, Sublime, etc. pretty much exclusively these last few years but not playing guitar. I'm definitely getting back into guitar but want to play The Expendables/Slightly Stoopid type of stuff.

My guitar (Jackson DKMGT) is in the shop getting a makeover. I had put Dimebucker/Jazz pups in it soon after I got it, I'm getting a JB in place of the Dimebucker but keeping the Jazz neck pup. The 20db gain boost pull knob will be gone and I'll have a push/pull tap coil to get single coil tones out of the buckers. I prolly should've done this in the first place, even for metal.

I've got a Peavey 6505+ half stack that I'm trading for a twead Peavey Classic 50 212 2007 model. My 6505+ was a preorder after they were announced. Sound like a good trade? I'm asking for $300 cash and a wah pedal as I've never had a wah.

As for effects, I have the following:
MXR 10 band eq, MXR Smart Gate, MXR Phase 90, MXR Carbon Copy, BBE Sonic Stomp, and Digitech Hardwire Metal Distortion.

What do you guys think about this switch? Am I missing anything?? Thanks fellas.

Bodacious Bob

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I've got an MXR Carbon Copy as well as a Guyatone Micro Delay.
Anyone else here playing a similar style wanna chime in?? I'm totally new to this style of guitar, thx.
Well, you mostly have it covered. I'd (maybe) consider getting an envelop filter. It's not really necessary.

Other than that, reggae guitar tones are mostly pretty simple, so you should be fine.