Ok well I have a problem. When ever I play some guitars, mainly 22 fret guitars I can get good pinch harmonics as I know the nodes, however usually when ever I try a 24 fret guitAr the harmonic nodes is closer to the bridge. Why is that. Is it the strings? Pickups?or technique. Because I doubt it's technique be ause I'm pretty solid with pinch harmonics...

Can anyone explain?
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Well, the harmornics should be about at the same spots as on 22 fret guitars, but the fretboard is longer, so you might have some getting used to, to do.
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I find that my Strat (21 frets) is not so easy to get pinches out on, yet on my ESP (22 frets) I can get them out on any fret, any string. It's as much to do with the pickups as anything else.
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if the scale length is different then the nodes will be further apart than shorter scale guitars

It's as much to do with the pickups as anything else.

this, hotter pickups pick up harmonics much better than lower output ones
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