'Ello pit.

Just dropping by to maybe get some feedback on a couple of covers I recorded recently, both of which are originally by Coheed & Cambria, and were released on their most recent album Year Of The Black Rainbow. I Took some considerable liberties on both of them, in my own opinion, anyway.

I was hoping I could maybe get some feedback from you guys if a few people wouldn't mind. Anyways, here are the links.

Here We Are, Juggernaut

Pearl Of The Stars

Thanks for your time, all.
I listened to Here we are juggernaut and it was great except for the "did we take this too far" section, it just seemed a bit awkward with the far away vocals and the talking lead, other than that though you did a great job making it your own.
Thank you for the listen and the feedback.

I must confess that I know exactly what you mean with the bridge section. Juggernaut, in its entirety, was recorded in about five hours on my living room floor, and that was literally the last part that my friend and I did, and the way we ended up mixing it, our two voices (mine was the lead, his was the backing) ended up clashing a bit more than I would have hoped. Unfortunately, we were pressed for time and couldn't get it down perfect, so we left it at that.

If you have another moment, Pearl Of The Stars was actually recorded over a longer period of time with a bit more time and effort put into it.

Thanks again for the feedback.
Im really sorry to say this but it sounds the exact opposite of what you say, i liked juggernaut a lot more than pearl of the stars. The guitars were fantastic and i liked how you made your own lead but there were way to many other effects. Whatever noise you have going in the background of the chorus just gets annoying, the effect that fades out to the left and then right for every single chord, it would be okay to start the chorus with but not as often as you have it.

The solo did not work at all for me, just too boring, it lacked the awesome deep tone of the original that worked so well. I love how you make the songs your own but in that case it did not work out.

On another note i really liked your singing on both songs, it sounds very natural which can be hard to do when singing anything originally by Claudio.