Hi people, been looking for a decent practice amp for under £100 recently and i've come down to these 2 amps,

The Roland's cheaper obviously, and i've tried it out and was surprised by how good the sound from it was, it was so much better than the spider IV i tried.

The Vypyr on the other hand has much more effects and has the programable functionality which does sound interesting, however i havn't tried one yet and i've heard of it's speaker being a bit 'weak' and it is more expensive.

I know most of the details tbh, i'm just asking mainly for opinions from people who have owned either amp or even both, because atm i can't decide between them at all :L

I'm also looking for more of a hard rock/punk/metaly tone if that helps at all,
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get a vypyr 30 instead, the extra knob is worth is worth it (thats that she said)
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get a vypyr 30 instead, the extra knob is worth it (that's what she said)

But yeah i agree