I've been looking at a used Epi Dot on CraigsList, the dude says there is a static noise coming from the neck pup... does this mean the pickup is bad and needs to be replaced, or could it be something much simpler like the selector switch? Also he said he upgraded the pots to CTS and the caps to ".0047uf". Would that do much to the overall tone of the guitar?
the static could be many things. try resoldering the connections in the guitar when/if you get it. the upgraded pots will immensly help your sound, as most stock pots are crap. not to mention they will be smoother. and the as for the caps, what you use in that section goes by personal preference, and a change in them does change your sound and the way the tone rolls on/off
How about the stock pickups on a 1998 made in Korea Dot? Are they pretty good quality?