can't help with the body or fingerboard, but the neck looks like nato to me.
Can't you just look up whatever guitar it is?

At a glance, it looks like a mahogany body, mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard. Could be totally off on the body though, that was just from glancing at the pickup cavity.
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ply body

rosewood board?

guess its a 70's copy brand?

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The neck looks like its off a Kay guitar.

Ply body, cause o' the stacked look in the guts on the inside 'walls' and the different colour tones in the guts.

Kay necks are usually rosewood or maple fretboards, you wouldn't see em explore out of strats usually.

Could be a nato neck, or some rosewood.

If you're wondering what to keep, the neck is a better bet. if it feels nice then why not keep it
Plywood body.
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The fretboard isnt far from rosewood, so I think that.

The body does look like plywood...

I dont think the neck is rosewood, just look at the grain. Compare to the fretboard. Dont know of nato. But it could always be maple with a couple layers of water based wood stain and possibly a coat of laquer or 2 on top.
Body looks like Ply (marine ply to be specific).
(you can try scraping the wood with your nails. if saw dust, or small wood particles come off into your nails, then its guaranteed ply.

And the neck looks like Nato. (not sure though)

and Fretboard is Most probably Rosewood. (very dirty though)
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So it's Plywood body, rosewood fretboard and Mahogany or Nato neck..
Thanks for the answers. It's around 40 years Japanese Teisco guitar under the name of Duke. I couldn't track down anything more.