Ok. so, i've been playing guitar for some time, and now i've started to get decent at flatpicking, and playing that sort of stuff - single notes o whatever you would like to call it. Im also ok at finger picking. Mostly, i've been practicing blues and/or rock-stuff.

My problem is, and i don't know if it's common or weird or whatever, that i've half-ignored strumming. Of course i know chords and barré-chords and stuff (but, honestly, that's mostly because you can't hide from them), and i can of course strum, but i haven't practiced it as much as the other techniques, not by far. Im not good at it. I need to practice it, and mostly, i need to practice singing and strumming at the same time. I can sing and play simple tunes, with simple strumming - no problem, but when the strumming patterns get a bit more advanced, it is, of course, hard.

My questions are;
-Do you have any tips on songs that contain a bit more advanced strumming patterns that i can learn from?
-Do you have tips on songs that are good for learning to sing and strum (a bit more advanced strumming) at the same time?

Those are in a way almost the same question, i know. but in a way, they're not.. Well, that might be why this thread is a bit messy.. but i hope it's ok
oh well, any tips and recommendations are very welcome
For Whom the Bell Tolls- Metallica
Ich Tu Dir Weh- Rammstein

Both are pretty easy to play and sing at the same time (although you'll have to get used to german for the rammstein song, but it's easy to get used to it) and have somewhat above beginner strumming patterns.
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For more advanced strumming patterns I would sugest listening to metalica, guns and roses and megadeth. they usually have more advaned stuff in them and there is a distinct rhythm section vs lead section. then just practice the songs until you can play them with out thinking, singing should be rather easy to add on after that. That is the only way I know to do more advanced strumming while singing.